Partnership Opportunities with Austal, The Australian Shipbuilder.
Austal is The Australian Shipbuilder, defence prime contractor and marine technology partner of choice – designing, constructing and supporting revolutionary defence and commercial ships for the world’s leading operators.
From safe, modern and efficient shipyards operating in Australia, the USA and the Philippines - and service centres located around the world (including the Middle East) - Austal has successfully delivered and supported more than 255 vessels to 100 operators in 44 countries, since 1988.
Now, Austal is entering an exciting phase of growth and opportunity in the Australian market, following recent award of the 19 steel vessel Pacific Patrol Boat Replacement Project for the Commonwealth of Australia and the upcoming Offshore Patrol Vessel (SEA1180) program which will see 12 ships constructed for the Royal Australian Navy including 2 in South Australia and 10 in Western Australia.
To register your company’s interest in working with Austal on these major naval shipbuilding programs, please complete your details including capabilities below.
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